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Never hear..."Mom, I'm bored..." again!

If you are excited about discovering the best "kid-tested" places in the Midwest, Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions, these best-selling family travel guides are the books for you and your family!

Meet Family Travel Expert

Michele Darrall Zavatsky


Get unbiased parents opinions and reviews of all the best places for family fun

Stop wasting so much time searching
the internet for family travel places.
Each chapter is a day-trip zone (for easy planning) including points of interest and suggested lodging and dining
We give you fast travel facts, prices, and our exclusive, expert reviews for every listing.
You won't find this information together anywhere else!
Discover the best family travel destinations and have the "most fun getting there" with our best-selling family travel guides, games and activity books.
"You spent more than 1000 hours doing this research for us, that's really great - we just have to pick up the book and it's done!" - NBC Anchor
"Very helpful to lots of families when the kids say, I'm bored...and I don't want to go to the same places again! - CBS Anchor
"A fabulous idea - places to travel that your kids will enjoy" - NBC Anchor
"The great thing about these books is that your family actually lives these adventures" - CBS Anchor

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